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Aqua Peeling

It is a device that makes the skin care in a short period of time without any surgical intervention, such as correcting wrinkles, removing acnes, and opening pores. In this painless method, it is possible to get rid of wrinkles and acne in a very short time. Many women prefer Aqua Peeling for glowing and smooth skin. There are no side effects on the skin after application.

How is Aqua Peeling Application done?

According to the desired effect on the skin, ready solutions are gradually applied to the skin by pressure, while the vacuum is removed from the skin at the same time. With this technology, it is aimed to remove the dead skin on the dermis, to open the pores and to disinfect the skin’s lower layers as well as to make better use of the skin care products.

Aqua Peeling which provides Cleaning, peeling, extraction, hydration and antioxidant effect at one time, does not cause any discomfort to the person due to it is being a non-surgical, non-injector process.

By applying ozone vapor to the area to be treated before the process, the pores are opened and skin relaxation is provided.

What does Aqua Peeling do?

With the Aqua Peeling application, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated, removing visible wrinkles, pigmentations, acne, and more becomes possible, and clogged pores and rough skin are heals immediately.

What is the result of Aqua Peeling?

The aqua peeling natural method applied for fresh and clean skin gives many advantages.

As a bad substance to the skin, such as acne, stains are left to say goodbye. So you can have a brighter skin.

Discomforts caused by wrinkles disappear. So you can have a fresher derm.

So skin breathes air better. The pores are opened and thus a smooth skin appears.

Deep cleansing of the skin makes it possible to have a young skin in a short time.

Disposal of dead tissues, is increasing skin renewal and blood circulation.

Application Time

The process takes about 45 minutes when applied to the whole face. Person can determine the session intervals cause