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Arm Lift

A shaky and sagging appearance when you wear sleeveless clothes and want to move your arms comfortably with the arrival of summer season makes you look older than you are. As you gain and lose weight or as you are getting older, decrease in the elasticity of the skin on your arm makes you visually uncomfortable and you want to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. When doing so, you try various ways. You may try several sport activities but somehow you cannot reach the result you desire. So it is the time for you to think about aesthetic solutions.

Arm Lift Surgery

For your sagging arms looking like a bat, of course, you can strengthen your muscles with sports. However, the best solution for sagging of the skin on the back and inner surface of the upper arm, which loses its elasticity due to aging process, is arm lift surgery. In arm lift surgeries, the arms gain a young and tight appearance, removing the excess skin. The surgery techniques are designed depending on the factors such as your age, sagging skin rate and fatty tissue. Undoubtedly the best designed surgery is the surgery without any scar left. The “Spider Web” aesthetics, which has been applied recently for face lifting and rejuvenation, is one of the methods applied to rejuvenate your arms and give them a tight appearance. Fat is transferred with the spider web aesthetics. The fat is the fat injection used from the patient’s own body. In cases where the quality of the skin is good and the sagging is not too much, liposuction (fat absorption by vacuum) is sufficient. Depending on the factors, each patient is evaluated separately.

Arm Lift Surgical Duration and Post-Operation

Lift arm surgical duration is 1.5-2 hours. At the end of the surgery, the arm is wrapped with a soft dressing. Sudden and excessive arm movements should be avoided. After the surgery, the pain is neglectable. It is allowed to take a shower 2 days after the surgery and to do sports 4-6 weeks after the surgery. It is necessary to wear an arm corset for 1 week or 10 days after the surgery. Thanks to that, swelling will be less.

Arm Lift Surgery is unfavourable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients on medication. Generally, when you lose excessive weight, the skin on your entire body sags. As the surgery performed to recover sagging of the breasts is connected with the armpit area, it is possible to obtain a more aesthetic appearance by performing both operations together. Persistent results are obtained in general with arm lift surgery. Therefore, there is almost no possibility of need for repeating the surgery.

After the lift arm surgery, you will feel yourself more comfortable in social manner. When you wear the sleeveless clothes you desire, self-confidence of raising your hand upwards will further increase the smile on your face and will make you happy.