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Breast Lifting

Breast beauty is associated as a concept of beauty in today’s age. The conditions such as conformance, largeness, vitality of breast size have become a phenomenon that may affect confidence, stress and life standards of a person. Even if some women do not pay great attention, there also women who take this as a serious problem. Because this will make the person free, refresh her confidence, bring her desire to be appreciated and ensure the person to appear younger and fit.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

Saggy breasts may happen for many reasons Breasts generally sag in cases such as continuous weight gain or loss, diet, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, age-related bodily changes, excessively large breasts or having different bodily tissues. This cause the person to consider breast lifting operations.

Phase of Deciding Surgery

If you are uncomfortable with this situation, you may need to consider the surgery in all details. You need to decide whether the scars to be formed after the surgery or your saggy breasts will make you more uncomfortable.  If surgery is decided, a preliminary discussion is held with your specialist doctor. The expectations and measurements are negotiated. The shape, size of the breast, the condition of the tissue, age, the level of the sagging, your expectations and ideas are discussed. Then detailed information about the operation is provided. You will be informed about what you need to do before the operation. After all of these, you can consider breast lifting surgery.

Breast Lifting Operation

There are a few basic situations that need to be done while this operation is performed. First of all, if the breasts are large, excess tissue is removed, if they are small, prosthesis is implanted as a support. Then the nipple moves to the point where it should be, breast tissue is shaped and excess skin is removed, if any. This is to give a younger and fleshy appearance to the breast. The surgical duration is between 2 and 4 hours and general anesthesia is applied.

Postoperative Condition

Pain may occur 1-2 days after the operation. A sports bra is worn to support the breast during the recovery process. Small dressings are applied to the area. People can usually take a bath within 2 days. Patient is controlled a few days after the surgery and can start to make the daily activities gradually. A sports bra have to be worn for 3-4 weeks. Swelling and bruises may be seen in the breast area after the operation. This is totally normal. It takes 9-10 weeks for the breasts to have their final appearance. It is very important to be patient and to follow the instructions during this period for your breasts to be recovered and to have the desired appearance.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Scar After The Surgery?

Small scars can be seen on or around the breast depending on breast sagginess after breast lifting surgery. They are barely noticeable and the scars disappear over time.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After The Operation?

Breastfeeding is expected to be no different from that of any woman.

Is There Any Numbness After The Surgery?

Numbness may occur temporarily at the nipple and breast after the breast lifting surgery. After that this will get back into normal and the nipples regain their old sensitivity.