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Breast Reduction

Women experience difficulties in choosing clothes, embarrassment, lack of self-confidence and difficulty in movement, especially because of having large breasts during their adolescence. Having large breasts may depend on genetic factors and are also affected from gaining excessive weight, giving birth and the breastfeeding process. Large breasts lead people to experience important health issues as well as all of these mental and psychological effects. Neck pain, back pain, diaper rash, bad smell, shoulder pain, hunchback, numbness in the arms and failure of performing daily movements in normal standards are among the main diseases caused by large and sagging breasts. Having large breasts also lead women to appear older and fatter than they are. Thanks to breast reduction surgeries, people can easily get rid of their mental and physical troubles. Breast reduction surgery can be made to the people who are uncomfortable with their large breasts and have health problems as well as to the breasts of no symmetry and different sizes.

Reasons of Breast Reduction Surgery

  • If the breasts are very large for the body,
  • If there is an asymmetry between two breasts,
  • If breast size interferes with the patient’s normal activities,
  • If skin is irritated from the lower fold of breast,
  • If there is neck and back pain due to breast weight breast reduction surgery can be performed.


Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, named as Reduction Mammaplasty in the literature, is an operation performed in accordance with the preference of people who are uncomfortable with their breast appearance, who have health issues and who are uncomfortable with their saggy breasts. Even if breast surgery is generally used to relieve aesthetic concerns, breast reduction surgery can be also performed due to the health issued caused by the large breasts.

In our institution working with people specialized in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics, Breast reduction surgeries are performed after some tests are requested from the people and are carefully examined. Our specialist surgeons perform breast reduction surgeries using inverted T and incision methods called lollipop. Breast reduction surgeries are completed within approximately three to four hours depending on breast size and the procedures. Excess breast skin and excess breast tissue are removed from the body of people by cutting the nipple and around the breast with the specified methods. Then our surgeons, who lift the nipple upwards, shape the breast tissue depending on the requests and body structures of people and complete breast reduction surgery.