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Beauty coming with little touches!

Very good and stunning results are achieved with a painless application in a short time!

What is Buccal Lipectomy Aesthetics?

Buccal Lipectomy is to take cheek oils from the inside of the cheek with a small cut of about 1 cm. With the fat tissue taken, a slight collapse on the cheek is created. As a result, the cheekbones and jawline are separated from each other. After the separation between cheekbones and jawline are clarified, the boundaries become sharper and more vibrant, while the facial features become more attractive.

Who Is Buccal Lipectomy Suitable for?

It can be preferred by people who are over 18 years of age, want to have an inverted V-face shape, more pronounced cheekbones and jawlines.

How to Perform Buccal Lipectomy Surgery?

A small cut incised is inside the mouth. The Bichat fat pad is reached without cutting anywhere inside the mouth but just by dissection. When Bichat fat pad is reached, excessive fat throws itself out from the tissue. According to person’s expectation, Bichat fat pad can all be taken or only the excessive part can be removed.

What Should I Do Before Buccal Lipectomy Surgery?

If an anticoagulant is being used, it is recommended to discontinue using it under the supervision of a doctor. Furthermore, food supplements and herbal teas should be suspended 3 days in advance. If the intervention is to be performed with general anaesthesia, it is recommended to come to the surgery with an empty stomach and if it is to be performed with local anaesthesia it is recommended to come to the surgery with a full stomach.

What Should Be Considered After Buccal Lipectomy Surgery?

According to the anaesthesia method, eating and drinking can be started after 3 to 4 hours after surgery. Short-term ice application is recommended after the operation. It is required to be fed just with liquid and nourishment with mash consistence for 3 days. In interventions with local anaesthesia, patients can turn back to their daily life immediately, patients who get general anaesthesia can be discharged after 5 to 6 hours if preferred. Full recovery occurs within 1 week on average.

What are the Changes After Buccal Lipectomy Surgery?

After buccal lipectomy surgery, which has a high level of satisfaction, the face shape begins to be clearer in the third week. It becomes fully pronounced from the sixth month to the first year.