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Check Up

Why should we Check Up?

Although there is not a health problem, it is recommended by the experts that every individual should have a regular check-up per year.

The aim is to shorten and facilitate the treatment process by early diagnosis of diseases that are progressing insidiously in the body.

Check Up programs are performed individually.  Tests to be performed according to several elements such as age, gender and familial disease history are determined individually.

In the Check Up programs, the results of the tests are evaluated with the examination of the attending physicians of their area.

When determining your appointments, you are informed by the consultant about the preparation stage, the guidance and the purpose for which the tests are carried out.

Check Up Program Process

  • Check Up Advisor guides you through all stages during Check Up.
  • All of your specialist doctor examinations in the Check Up program are arranged by the Check Up Consultant.
  • Visualisation services within the Check Up Program are performed.
  • Your Check Up doctor shares your assessments with you during and/or at the end of Check Up and prepares your report.
  • After a blood test and an examination on an empty stomach, breakfast is served.
  • The results of the examinations are compiled by Check Up Advisor
  • According to the specifications of the examinations conducted within the same day or another day, your control discussion will be informed by your Check Up Consultant.
  • You can get your Check Up results and your Attending Physician’s evaluation reports in your own Check Up result file and share it with your doctor on your next control.