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Now it’s very easy to have a radiant skin with Cinderella skincare!

Cinderella skin care, which provides a revival in matte skin with instant effect, is also known as organic pumpkin peeling. Pumpkin, which is rich in amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes, is highly preferred in skin care. Alpha hydroxy acid helps the skin gain a younger look, while pro-vitamin A inside the pumpkin creates an A peeling effect. The application, which helps to remove blemishes by purifying the upper layer of the skin, is suitable for all skin types.

Pumpkin peel, whose main ingredient is pumpkin, renews your skin against acne, ageing and dryness problems and provides cell rejuvenation.

Cinderella skincare poses no risk to expectant mothers, especially those who are asked to stay away from chemicals because it is absolutely an organic application.

How is Cinderella Skin Care Applied?

Cleansing products determined according to skin types are applied to the skin. After cleaning from dirt and fat, dead skin cells are cleaned. Pumpkin peeling is applied to the skin and left for an average of 10 minutes. Then the mask is cleansed from the skin.

The effect of the application is immediately noticed and you get a radiant and smooth skin after regular sessions.