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The disease that manifests itself with symptoms at people such as cough, high fever and shortness of breath is understood with COVID-19 PCR Test and COVID-19 Antibody Tests (IgM/IgG) conducted by specialists by taking any precaution necessary. All Covid-19 related transactions of patients who present to the hospital with such complaints are performed at the hospital. Nişantaşı Hospital which complies with all rules of hygiene necessary in most effective manner ensures that COVID-19 Antibody Test and COVID-19 PCR Tests are concluded within the same day and informs patients. If you have any symptom of Covid-19 disease or you have been in same environment with people who are suspect for disease, you can have tests conducted with Nişantaşı Hospital assurance and can learn results on the same day.


COVID-19 PCR Test is an antigen and diagnosis test conducted during virus process of the disease for the purpose of identifying genetic structure. PCR test ensures that people who caught Covid-19 disease and actively carry viruses of the disease are identified. PCR test is an application that has strength to be able to make diagnosis even if number of virus present in the bodies of people is rather low. PRC test that ensures that more patients hold on to life thanks to acceleration of treatment process and early diagnosis is conducted at the hospital by complying with all rules of hygiene and social distance. Results of COVID-19 PCR Test conducted on patients who present to the hospital with suspicion of Covid-19 disease are given on the same day with Nişantaşı Hospital assurance. PCR test is conducted by taking swab specimens from throat and noses of patients with special sticks. Specimens of swabs taken from patients are carried thanks to special liquids to the laboratory where test will be conducted. Specimens that are carried to laboratories accompanied by special liquids are examined with PCR method and reports are created, patients are informed as necessary. Any stage related to COVID-19 PCR Test occurs at the hospital and all services we provide to those who present to the hospital are concluded with Nişantaşı Hospital assurance.

COVID-19 Rapid Test – Antibody Tests (IgM/IgG)

Many people and many workplaces wish to identify ratios of immunity of themselves or their employees by utilizing antibody tests and returning to new normal in this manner. COVID-19 Antibody Tests (IgM/IgG) are tests conducted for the purpose of determining whether patients had Covid-19 disease at previous periods. That is, thank to this test conducted, people who suffered from covid-19 disease or improved without showing any symptom and noticing can easily have information about their immunity status. Results of COVID-19 Antibody Tests (IgM/IgG) conducted under Nişantaşı Hospital assurance are out within the same day and patients are informed instantly. Antibody tests are conducted by taking blood from arm or finger. Blood received from persons is carefully examined and tested whether antibody is developed against the virus or not. The most important condition that impacts accuracy of antibody test, is that test has to be conducted after disease is over, not during illness. COVID-19 Antibody Tests (IgM/IgG) are divided into two among themselves. First one of such tests is IgM, i.e. early stage antibody test. If result is positive from such test, it means that person encountered corona virus recently. Another one of antibody tests, lgG is late response antibody test. lgG test conducted on a patient coming back positive indicates that a person suffered from corona virus infection during past periods. Antibody test is a test that can easily be applied to children, the elderly and patients that fall into all age groups. Antibody tests conducted at Nişantaşı Hospital produce accurate result at the rate of 99.9% and all results we give are under our assurance.