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Anaesthesia and Reanimation

Aenesthesia and Reanmination Department of Nişantaşı Hospital conducts all surgical aenesthesia procedures as well as the aenesthesia procedures required for diagnosis, day operations, painless childbirth and children.

For our Aenesthesia and Reanimation Physicians, it is very important to have communication with patients before their operations. They aim to safely  prepare the patients for operations and try to prevent any kind of complication which may arise during the operation and ensures that the patients wake up in a comfortable way without pains. With general aenesthesia, our team makes the operation easier by controling the consciousness and ensuring that the patients do not remember anything, not feel any pain or sense and have comfort. By means of advances aenesthesia techniques and technologies, all kinds of surgical operations can be performed. Therefore, our Aenesthesia and Reanimation Clinic plays an important role in surgical operations with its specialized and supportive team.