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Ear Nose Throat

In the Ear Nose Throat Head and Neck Surgery Clinic of Nişantaşı Hospital, all related diseases are diagnosed and treated with the opportunities of advanced technology.


The term covers all kinds of congenital, infectious, developmental and tumoral diseases of nose and paranasal sinuses.

. Septum deviation

. Sinusitis

. Concha enlargement

. Nasal Allergy

. Rhinoplasty

. Tumours originated from the nose and sinuses

Treatment of septum deviation and concha enlargement is performed by using the state of the art technology like endoscopy and radiofrequency. Therefore, there is generally no need for tampon after the operation. Endoscopic sinus surgery is used in the treatment of sinusitis


The term covers the diseases of external, middle and inner ear and central auditory tract.

. Tympanum holes

. Otitis media

. Otosclerosis

. Otitis externa inflammation

. Facial paralysis

. Tingling

. Congenital hearing loss

. Vertigo

. Ear tumours

All ear operations are performed with microscopic and/or endoscopic methods and it is possible to perform a major part of these operations without any visible incision outside the ear.


The term covers congenital, inflammatory, traumatic, developmental and tumoral diseases seen in pediatric age.

. Adenoid tonsillar problems

. Otitis media/fluid

. Congenital or acquired respiratory tract tightness

. Tumours in the head and neck area.

Adenoid and tonsillar problems are the most common diseases of the childhood period. The surgical treatment of these diseases are performed with the most modern techniques such as laser and thermal welding.


Snoring and apnea are conditions that disturb the quality of life and health. It is one of the most common reasons of heart attack during sleep. Patients are evaluated with polysomnography and in suitable cases surgical interventions are performed on soft palate, nose or chin in order to repair the respiratory tract tightness.


Diseases originating from vocal cords and limiting the mobility of the voice cord leads to aphnoia. Voice cords and their functions are evaluated with a device called videolaryngostroboscopy and cases requiring surgical attempt are treated under microscope.


Reflux is one of the most common problems in our age. The throat reflux becomes evident with an itchy sense and aphnoia and seen in 30% of the population. In our clinic, throat reflux is diagnosed with laryngoscopy and medical treatment is also provided.

  • Associate. Prof. Dr. A. Ali Oğuz

    Ear Nose Throat Diseases