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Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Approaching to women’s health by taking into account all stages, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of Nişantaşı Hospital provides diagnosis and treatment services for gynaecological diseases arising at different stages of a woman’s life;

  • gynaecological problems arising during adolescence,
  • bleeding frequently arising during reproductive period,
  • inguinal and abdominal pain,
  • myoma and ovarian cysts that may lead to problems like menstrual irregularity,
  • endometrial polype and myomas causing abnormal uterine bleeding,
  • gynaecological cancers and precursor lesions of cervical cancer,
  • menoposis and accompanying problems,

normal and high-risk pregnancies by evaluating along with up-to-date scientific data through its state of the art technological infrastructure.

Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy Unit

In our clinic, couples are informed and prepared in a detailed way for a healthy and smooth pregnancy period after a comprehensive examination followed by necessary laboratory and radiological tests.

Both normal and high-risk pregnancies (existing diseases of the mother in relation with cardiac, endocrinological, cranial and other systems and cases where use of one or more drugs is necessary due to the these diseases, a previous recurring miscarriage story, cervical deficiency story, high blood pressure and resulting complications in the past, growth retardation in previous pregnancies, story of baby with chromosomal or structural anomaly from a previous pregnancy and additionally recurring of any condition happened in the past) are evaluated and monitored in a detailed way.

When necessary, detailed fetal anomaly scanning at early or late stage, fetal echocardiography (a detailed evaluation of the fetal heart), fetal neurosonogprahy (a detailed evaluation of the fetal brain), fetal brain magnetic resonance imaging (a detailed evaluation of the fetal brain by means of MRI), fetal invasive interventions (chorionic villus sampling – cordocentesis, fetal blood transfusion), detailed fetal-maternal doppler evaluation (a detailed examination of both fetal and maternal blood vessels) are performed.

Infertiliy Unit

“Infertiliy” is defined as a situation where childbearing has not occurred after one year or six months of unprotected intercourse for women below or above the age of 35 respectively. In our clinic, this process is managed through a personalized treatment method after a comprehensive and careful evaluation followed by suitable laboratory and imaging methods.

Gynaecological Endoscopy Unit

In our clinic, it is aimed to ensure a fast recovery and discharge without any cosmetic problem after the operation;

  • Ovarian diseases (simple ovarian cyst, chocolate cyst, ovarian cysts which can be malign) and uterus diseases (myoma, adenomyosis, uterine prolapse) are treated with laparoscopic method (monitoring the inner part of the abdomen via a camera by means of a small incision);
  • whereas idiopathic uterine bleeding, lesions taking up space in the uterine (polype or myoma), adherence within the uterine, congenital or acquired structural uterine disorders are treated with hysteroscopic method (monitoring the inner part of the uterine via a camera)

by using state of the art structure with success.

Menopause Unit

In our clinic, comprehensive tests are applied by our specialized physicians for osteoporosis, breast diseases, cardiovascular health and cancer in women in relation with the menopause period which is a significant part of a woman’s life as a natural process with a multidisciplinary approach.

Urogynaecology Unit

For urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, suitable medical treatments are applied whereas surgical treatments are successfully performed both with laparoscopic method (closed technique) and through vaginal route when necessary.

  • Assistant Associate. Prof. Dr. Cemil Karakuş

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics