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In the Clinic Biochemistry Unit, tests received in departments of hormone, haematology-coagulation, drug levels, tumour indicators are conducted.

In the Hormone Section, tests included especially in infertility follow up, examination of thyroid hormones which play a significant role in the metabolism, measurment of vitamin levels and evaluation of cardiac diseases are conducted. Within the same unit, tumour indicators which give information regarding the presence of cancer by screening the whole system are measured in blood.

Haematology-Coagulation Section performs a variety of tests included in the multi-parameter blood count, detection of bleeding and clotting disorders. Furthermore, we are also capable of measuring the sensitivity to aspirin and clopidrogel which has a big clinical significance and can be performed in very rare centres. In the determination of blood transfusion before and during operation, thromboelastogrpahy device minimizing unnecessary blood use is utilized.

In the ‘Drug Levels Section’, medictions used for cardiac diseases, neurological problems, medications used in patients who received organ transplantation to suppress organ rejection and chemotherapeutic drug levels are analysed.

Biochemisty Laboratory also collects information regarding the tests which have been accepted in medical science and which are important for diagnosis and provides the physicians with this information regardless of their requests. After agreement with physicians, these tests are added to the panel of the Biochemistry Laboratory. And this proactive approach is the greatest effort of the laboratory to keep the quality of services up-to-date.

Biochemistry Laboratory complies with the requirement for obtaining reliable results while providing emmergency and routine laboratory services and provides services 7/24. All tests are followed by internal quality control policies on a daily basis. Furthermore, the samples coming from centres abroad that we are a member of are also analysed and the results are internationally evaluated with external quality controls.

  • Med. Dr. İsmet Candan