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Laser Eye Treatments

Your eyes deserve the best…

Your eyes are now in safe hands with the most reliable and experienced eye surgeons in Turkey and the state-of-the-art Excelsius Excimer Laser Technology at Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center.


At our hospitals Eyecare Center, with methods such as LASIK,iLASIK, LASEK, PRK, TransEpithelial-PRK  (NO TOUCH), WAVEFRONT and FemtoSecond Laser-SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) we provide:


1- Presbyopia (Farsightedness due to lacrimation) Smart Laser Eye Surgery treatments that can eliminate the need for reading glasses.


2- Smart Laser Eye Surgery treatments that can resolve eye conditions such as Hypermetropia (near), Myopia (far), Astigmatism.


3- Special Laser Eye Surgery treatments for our patients whose eye number is very high with Sensitive-Profile Patient Program.


4- Intraocular Smart Lens surgeries, especially for Cataract patients.


You can say goodbye to your reading glasses thanks to the PRESBYOPIA Smart Laser Eye Treatment intended for farsightedness and reading impairments.

Visual reading quality deteriorate for everyone as they age. At Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center, we developed a revolutionary Laser Eye Surgery treatment with PRESBYOPIA Smart Laser Treatment to solve this problem.

Smart Laser Technology can considerably reduce the need for reading glasses for a long period of time and even eliminate that need. If you have underwent Cataract Surgery and you still use reading glasses for near vision, the only way to get rid of your glasses is Smart Laser treatment.

Presbyopia Smart Laser Eye treatment intended for the treatment of age-related Presbyopia (farsightedness and difficulty reading) is suitable for nearly everyone. Thanks to the Presbyopia Smart Laser application, we resolve your age-related farsightedness with Laser treatment without needing Cataract Surgery (Smart Lens – Multifocal Lens) in a reliable and effective manner.

Laser Eye Treatment in Myopia and Hypermetropia

In myopic patients, cornea is more curved than it should be. This leads to the light being focused right in front of the retina and thus a blurry image. If your cornea is flatter than it should be, the light is focused right behind the retina, which causes hypermetropia in farsighted patients. With laser applications, you can completely become free of myopia and hypermetropia.

With the SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) method developed using FemtoSecond Laser especially for myopic patients, you can return to your social life in a much shorter time after the surgery thanks to the less-invasive procedure. The state-of-the-art Excelsisus Lexacor FemtoSecond Laser at Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center has now made myopia treatment with the SMILE method possible in Turkey.

If you are over 18 years of age, contact our staff to learn whether you are a suitable candidate for Myopia and Hypermetropia Laser treatment at Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center. Call us or let us call you back; our patient coordinators will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the whole process.

Astigmatism Laser Eye Treatment

Laser Eye Surgery is the Right Option for Astigmatism

It is often claimed that Laser Eye Surgery cannot treat astigmatism.

Contact our staff to learn whether you are a suitable candidate for Astigmatism Smart Laser treatment at Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center. Call us or let us call you back; our patient coordinators will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the whole process.

Dont Fear Cataract (Smart Lens – Multifocal Lens) Surgery…

Cataract surgery may be an intimidating possibility. There are a number of providers you can choose, and it may be very difficult to decide who to trust. The most important consideration is to take time for your decision and conduct a comprehensive research on your options. We are here for you with our experienced and specialist surgeons.

At Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center, you can find the whole range of Intraocular Smart Lenses that can be obtained around the world. In addition, we have the necessary specialism that will choose the most suitable lens for you by aiming for the best outcome possible with optimal safety and comfort.

If you are thinking about cataract surgery, you can also expect to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. We are ready to share our experiences with you as a center of excellence in laser refractive surgery in order to provide you with specialist advice about the refractive outcomes of cataract surgery at Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center.

We are determined to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses everywhere possible with our experienced specialists and lens options.

Sensitive-Profile Patient Program:

We have the most experienced surgeons in Europe, the necessary knowledge, and most importantly, the latest technology to treat our special patients with myopia, astigmatism, or hypermetropia, dry eyes, and thin cornea, particularly those using very high-number glasses.

Compared to many other hospitals/clinics, our specialist Eye Surgery quality is very high. Your pre- and post-operative appointments may be longer and deeper than you might expect; this is because we are determined to spend every minute necessary to make you feel at comfort and informed. We are aware that the majority of our patients will be nervous about laser and cataract surgery, and we are experts in managing this concern.


Nişantaşı Hospital Eyecare Center is at your center with Excelsius Excimer Laser and Femtosecond Laser devices with the 3rd generation Laser Eye Surgery technology.


Our special staff of the most experienced surgeons in Laser Eye Surgery, nurses, researchers, patient care coordinators, and clinical coordinators is chosen for their commitment to excellent clinical care and customer service.

Our surgeons are known in the medical world thanks to their specialties and use the most advanced technologies in ophtalmology.

We are determined to pay attention to details and obtain excellent outcomes supported by research and independent reviews.

We adopt treatment methods that have been uniquely adapted. We are not interested in treating as many patients as possible.

Our only goal is to work for our patients who are worth the best treatment, including those with complex or unusual conditions, so that they can see without glasses.

Always Avoid Low-Cost Laser Eye Surgery…

Low-cost means cutting corners. If you buy a cheap television, it may be good but it’s not worth gambling with your vision capability. We provide a safe and effective Laser Eye Surgery with careful screening, advanced technology, and comprehensive care with the aid of our most experienced surgeons in the technology era of the world. None of these are more important than your eye health, and we never compromise quality and advanced technology. We present our prices in an understandable, fair, and proper manner.

There is no extra, no hidden cost. We make Laser Eye Surgery low-priced and we present the most appropriate payment advantages for you along with options of 12/24/36/48-month deferred payment.

Patient Comments on Laser Eye Surgery:

“Thank you, Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center and his staff, who made me see 35 years later by successfully conducting my myopia surgery… Nazan Budak’’


“All my life, I was dependent on glasses and lenses. My eyes were infected because of lenses and I met Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center for an examination to get new glasses. Shortly after meeting and discussing with him, I decided to undergo LASIK operation. I’m writing this text without glasses and it’s a kind of happiness that cannot be described. I thank him very, very much. It was a painless operation and I was able to go to work the next day… Senem Karaçiçek


“I thank Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center and his staff for my successful eye surgery and I wish him continued success. I write for everyone: it’s as if I reopened my eyes to the world. I am very happy and I recommend it to everyone.

Regards… Çapan Özbek