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Being a reference centre in its field, the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Clinic of Nişantaşı Hospital provides 7/24 healthcare services for trauma at all ages; damage, fracture, occupational or traffic accidents, falling, sport injuries, pediatric orthoapedics, hand-wrist, foot-ankle surgeries with its specalized physician team and technological infrastructure. The clinic also provides treatment services with international consultations when necessary and several advantages for patients with scientific filing system.

Our Specialized Areas in Orthopaedic Diagnosis and Treatment

Prosthesis Surgery

The inability to walk and joint pains observed in patients as a result of arthrolith which is one of the most common diseases in elderly can only be fixed by placing prosthesis. Hip and knee prosthesis operations (replacement of the joint with artificial pieces) are performed by specialized orthopaedists in the operation rooms with “laminar air flow” of Nişantaşı Hospital.

Bone Elongation and Bone Deformities

They are treatment techniques that are very difficult, long lasting and require advanced technology and expertise. The orthopaedics and traumatology specialists of Nişantaşı Hospital perform very succesfull operations also in this field.

   Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle problems, new and old fractures, diabetic foot and foot deformities (deformations), flatfood, neurological foot deformities in children, adults and athletes can be treated with all details. Prosthesis operations for ankles are also performed. In cases suitable for ankles, prosthesis and deformity corrections can also be performed and ankle arthritis can be treated. In severe cases, treatment can be performed with open surgery according to the lesion of the patient.

Hallux Valgus (foot osteophyte) operations can be performed with state of the art technology and the patients go back to normal daily life very quickly.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic problems in newborns and children are treated with specialized physicians. Diseases like hip dislocation, torticollis (oblique neck) and talipes equinovarus (club foot), traumas in children, sport injuries and fractures are the treatment areas of othopaedics.


In fractures, dislocations, muscoskeletal, tendon and ligament injuries, a fast and good result is only possible with effective treatment methods. In cases where no surgery is necessary, new plastering techniques which allow early loading and muscle function and to get into the bath and sea-swimming pool easily without causing itching and allergy are applied.

Arthroscopic Surgeries

In the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Clinic of Nişantaşı Hospital, techniques like knee, shoulder, ankle, hip arthroscopy; ligament, cartilage, meniscus, tendon operations, cartilage transplantation; meniscus, ligament, cartilage transplantations from cadaver are applied for a broad spectrum of patients, from professional athletes to housewives. In the clinic, special arthroscopic surgical operations such as ankle arthroscopy, cartilage transplantation, stem cell applications, anterior cruciate ligament operations, recurring shoulder dislocations, hip joint cartilage-compression disease can be performed.

Hand- and Microsurgery

Several conditions from nerve compressions in hand, tendon injuries, fractures, rheumatic problems are treated by specialized physicians. Furthermore, many complicated interventions can be performed by our clinic via microsurgical techniques.

All kinds of pains, injuries and fractures related to hand and wrist can be treated by specialized physicians. Difficult operations like replantation can also be performed. All treatments related to frequent hand diseases can also be done.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome arises when the median nerve is stacked within the channel in the wrist that it goes through. This disease is seen more frequently in women compared to men and it is generally seen above the age of 40. In recent years, it has been seen at earlier ages due to the increase in computer use. The first signs of the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is pins and needles in the fingers and sensual disturbances. After diagnosis, a surgical intervention is definitely required.

Trigger Finger

It is caused by the tendon getting stacked within the palm. This problem arises in the thumb and ring finger and leads to a sudden locking in the finger. When it is diagnosed early, cortisone treatment is applied. Surgical operations are performed when necessary.

Tennis Elbow

Although it is known as tennis elbow, it is not only seen in tennis players. It arises as a result of the tension at the fore arm muscles due to overuse of the hand and wrist. Cortisone treatment and bandage are applied for its treatment. Surgery is performed when there is no remedy with other treatment methods.

  • Associate. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ersin Nuzumlalı

    Orthopaedics and Traumatology