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DHI Golden Pen Hair Transplantation

DHI: Direct Hair Implantation Golden Pen

Direct hair transplants are briefly transplanted into the hairless areas taking into account the hair’s angle and direction to the hairless areas in a very short time with the hair roots taken with a special pen from the donor region without requiring traces and cuts in the DHI method. With this method, more intensive planting can be provided in narrow areas without baldness. Since the hair follicles are transplanted without waiting, a healthy result is highly successful.

DHI Gold pen technique hair transplantation process does by a specialist dermatologist. The operation area does not need to be shaved completely. The success rate of hair transplantation with Golden Pen DHI method is 99% and it is the most preferred method.

DHI Hair Transplantation operations perform in a sterile operating room conditions by specialized dermatologists.

After the operation, the first day and night to stay in the hospital, provides protection from environmental factors and hair follicles to keep your hair healthy as the most important factor and rule.

After the first day of the operation and after the dressing is done by a specialist, hair transplantation operation is completed.

After all hair transplantation methods, hair follicles are fed with hair treatment and supported with special shampoos and creams during the treatment process.

Spills may occur in the first 1 month after Hair Transplantation. The best formation starts from the 6th month and after 1 year your hair will reach the most natural and lush.