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Prominent ear is one of the problems affecting the aesthetic and psychosocial development of many people today.

The prominent ear problem affects adults, but it especially affects children. Experts recommend ages 5 to 6 for prominent ear surgery in children.


Child patients are operated under general anaesthesia, while adult patients are operated under local anaesthesia or sedation. Operation lasts 1.5 hours on average.


Do I Have Pain After Prominent Ear Surgery?

The pain that may occur after surgery can be controlled with painkillers at a certain level.


Would there be any scar after prominent ear surgery?

Operation is performed with a cut incised from the back of the earlap. Since the cut is incised at the fold behind the ear, no trace is seen.


What Should I Pay Attention After Prominent Ear Surgery?

Patients are recommended to have rest for one week after surgery. After the operation, a slight swelling may occur on the ears. It is recommended to avoid athletic activities after the rest period in order to avoid any impact to the ear. Patients are recommended to wear tennis bands for 2 to 4 weeks after surgery to protect their ears.