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Facial Aesthetics

The area that people pay the most attention to when they look in the mirror stands out as the facial area. Therefore, the most preferred type of aesthetic in plastic surgery stands out as facial aesthetics in order to eliminate sagging and similar deformations occurred related to aging and some other reasons. The operation on the facial area can be applied as it can affect the entire face and can be also applied only for the areas on the face desired by the person when required. These procedures which are very effective for people to become self-confident, to feel themselves better and against the aging-related deformations, are preferred mostly by women.

The aesthetical procedures are performed by specialist physicians and in clinical environment. Facial aesthetics attract a lot of attention by women and men, and the number of people who want to make use of these procedures is increasing day by day. However, aesthetical applications cannot be performed unless there is an obligation and approval of family for the people under eighteen.

Factors Causing Facial Aesthetics

The facial area is probably one of the areas that people pay the most attention to in their daily lives. The deformations in this area which give general data about health condition of the person and ensure that the person feels better, are usually shaped depending on aging. However, one of the main factors threatening facial health especially today is stress. Especially dense and excessive stress encountered in city life can directly affect the health of individuals and may also have consequences such as facial aesthetics. Again, the use of substances such as cigarettes and alcohol that trigger the onset of all kinds of diseases and especially harm the skin, leads to sagging on the faces of people at early ages. The factors such as not drinking enough water recommended by doctors, air pollution, environmental factors, not taking required care of facial area, irregular eating habit can be sorted as other factors increasing deformation.

What Are The Types Of Facial Aesthetics?

Types of aesthetics can be applied to the face completely and it can be also applied to a particular area. Types of aesthetic such as face and neck lifting, eyebrow lifting, ear aesthetics, nose aesthetics, lip aesthetics, cheekbone and jaw aesthetics can be considered within the scope of facial aesthetics. Face and neck lifting, which are probably the most preferred of the types of regional aesthetics, plays an important role in eliminating sagging and lines, after the forties in particular. Furthermore, nose aesthetics has a great effect on the external appearance of people. Especially excessively large and arched noses can lead people to have problems in their social lives and optionally, this type of noses can be made thinner and shaped. However, age limit foe nose aesthetics is also set at the age of eighteen. Each of aesthetical procedures is important clinical intervention, and should be carried out together with the correct treatment methods customized for patients by the doctors who are specialized in the field.