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It is possible to look 20 years younger with the French Hanger application, which is also known as non-surgical face lift!

What is French Hanger?

The application which is also known as French Hanger, Dynamic Hanger, Lock Hanger, is a non-surgical skin stretching process applied using a flexible rope made of non-polyester silicone material developed in France.

Who Is the French Hanger Suitable for?

Anyone disturbed with the sagging on the skin, but does not want to have surgery, can easily perform this procedure independent from whether they are male or female.

What are the Advantages of French Hanger Application?

Without distorting the natural image, the sagging skin is hanged upwards with the help of ropes. With this hanging process, oval shape of the face is completed and the eyebrows, tickle and middle face area are stretched.

The ropes used in the application also help the skin look younger, as it accelerates collagen production in tissues located in the area of the face.

French Hanger, which can be applied within 20 to 30 minutes under sterile conditions with local anaesthesia without requiring any surgery or anaesthesia, is the widely preferred because of short procedure duration, the lack of scarring and its ability to delay the signs of aging.

After application, rejuvenation is immediately noticeable, while the full effect is clearly visible within 4 to 6 weeks.

You can continue your daily life from where you left right after the procedure.