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FUE Hair Transplantation

Nişantaşı Hospital performs operations with experienced and professional teams in private operating rooms for hair transplantation in accordance with world quality standards. After examination of the results of the examination and the desired blood tests by our specialist doctor, the service is provided according to your suitability for hair transplantation.

Who can have a hair transplant?

First of all, it is determined whether or not hair transplantation is required. During the examination if the hair transplantation expert examines the hair follicles are alive or there is a temporary hair loss, he/she will seek solutions with treatments to strengthen the hair follicles.

Hair transplantation is applied to people who have hair loss due to age, hormones and familial inheritance. However; the result of burns can be applied to the hairless areas that occur on the hair or eyebrows, bare areas as caused by burnt, hair loss areas as a result of aesthetic operation caused by disease.

Any healthy individual can have hair transplantation.

Age or hair structure is not a limiting feature for hair transplantation. It is necessary to have healthy hair follicles present and to be used as donors.

Although hair transplantation is not a surgical procedure, blood tests are performed for the procedures to be performed. People with diseases such as Heart, Diabetes, Liver Failure, Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure cannot have hair transplantation.

FUE method applied in hair transplantation

In Follicular Unit Extraction shortly in FUE method, hair follicles are taking under local anaesthesia with a small tip of 0,6mm-0,8mm diameter micro-punches forming a single-point and placing into the hairless areas, taking into account the angle and direction of natural hair is growing.

The collected grafts contain approximately 2-3 hair follicles. In an average session, 4000-6000 grafts, 8000- 12000 hair follicles are obtained. Transplantation time varies between 5 and 7 hours depending on the width of the area. One of the most important issues to be considered in hair transplantation is the application is carried out in hospital and operating room conditions.

The area where the hair follicles will be planted is determined by marking previously. This area is transplanted by opening the channel according to the size and direction of hair root.

Depending on the clearance and number of roots obtained, 50-60 hair follicles can be transplanted per square centimeter.

The exact duration of results after hair transplantation

Recovery time is very fast in FUE method hair transplantation. Should be avoided from external contact during the first 1 week period. For this, medical dressing is done by using bandage. Washing with special lotion and shampoo is continued for the first 10-15 days and then normal shampoos can be used.

Hair fall may occur during the first 1 month after hair transplantation. The best formation starts from the 6th month and after 1 year your hair will reach the most natural and bushy status.

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

Only the hair follicles are removed from the donor area without removing the tissue.

There is no incision in the donor area, there are only abrasions less than 1 mm in diameter in the area where the hair follicles are taken.

The hair roots taken from the donor area with FUE technique can be used for beard, eyebrow and mustache transplantation.

Up to 6,000 hair follicles can be removed in the intake process, as there are 2-3 barba in each root.

Hair follicles are frequently placed with FUE hair transplantation method. Makes your hair more natural and bush.

There is no loss of tissue and sense with FUE method.

There is no pain felt during the process under local anaesthesia and after operation.