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Hemorrhoid Treatment

Non-surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment with Radiofrequency


The method of non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment with radiofrequency ensures elimination of hemorrhoid formations via radio and audio waves with a non-surgical operation. Non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment with radiofrequency is a non-surgical method which accomplishes good results. Results are permanent and solution is guaranteed. It is a non-surgical procedure carried out without any surgical operation. Local anesthesia is applied only to hemorrhoid area. During a 15-minute procedure, hemorrhoid trouble is eliminated by administering radio and audio waves. Radio and audio waves administered with special equipment ensure that hemorrhoid shrinks and disappears.

What are Advantages of Non-surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment with Radiofrequency?


  • Hospitalization is not required following procedure performed under local anesthesia and patients do not suffer from any pain following the procedure.
  • Since patients are not narcotized, patients may leave hospital by walking after treatment and continue their daily lives. Again, since narcosis is not administered, patients are free of impacts seen post-narcosis. It is also applied to patients for whom narcosis is damaging.
  • Since it is a non-surgical procedure, there will not be any incision or suture, area of procedure will heal very fast.
  • Patients can be both examined and treated within same day. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, no preliminary preparation or test is required.

With non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment with radiofrequency hemorrhoid trouble is fully and permanently eliminated. At this point is it very important that patients pay maximum attention to not getting constipated following treatment and not sit on toilet for a long time.

What is Hemorrhoid?


Hemorrhoid develops upon swelling of vessels located in anus. Long term constipation would cause swelling of such vessels and problem in having bowel movements. Unless treated, constipation and hemorrhoid triggers each other over time. Constipation problem of people who cannot have bowel movements due to hemorrhoid also intensifies. In case of failure to treat hemorrhoid, lumps created by swollen vessels protrude out. Treatment of advanced and protruded hemorrhoids gets difficult.

For these reasons, it is important to treat by responding during early stages and not leading way to major conditions hard to treat. With non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment with radiofrequency applied under local anesthesia, you can have your hemorrhoid trouble treated without waiting and delaying.

Hereditary reasons constitute significant place for development of hemorrhoid. Constant constipation and sitting on toilet for a long time are most important factors that trigger hemorrhoid. Preference of diet which is pulpless and low in fiber contents and constipation developed as a result of this trigger hemorrhoid development. In addition to this, in case of hereditary, i.e. genetic predisposition, this paves way for hemorrhoid development.


What to do for Protection from Hemorrhoid?

Not being constipated for a long time and not sitting on toilet for a long time are very important both for preventing hemorrhoid development and protection following hemorrhoid treatment. Consumption of fibrous foods, drinking plenty of water is important with respect to preventing constipation. One should not consume spicy, hot foods, processed foods and fizzy drinks for not getting constipated and having bowel movements easily.

One should not strain by sitting on toilet for a long time and push for gaining toilet habit, having bowel movements. In order to avert constipation and have easier bowel movements, medications that would soften stool may also be used with doctor’s recommendation.

What are Stages of Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoid is divided into two, as internal and external, that is depending on whether hemorrhoid protrudes. While internal hemorrhoids are generally pain-free, external hemorrhoids are mostly painful. When treated during early grades, development of external hemorrhoids is prevented.


Hemorrhoid has 4 grades;

Grade 1: Blood is seen in small quantities, clean blood is seen on toilet paper and in droplets. At this grade, hemorrhoid does not protrude from anus.

Grade 2: At this grade hemorrhoid protrudes during bowel movement and spontaneously returns to its original internal position.

Grade 3: Hemorrhoid protrudes at this grade. It enters inside when pushed digitally. Pain and edema develops.

Grade 4: Hemorrhoid bulge is fully protruded. It causes intense pain. Patient strains and suffers a lot also while sitting in addition to bowel movements.