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Jawline Filler

With Jawline filler operations your jaw structure can be shaped according to your face and your character according to your expectations in the most appropriate dimensions. In addition, asymmetric images formed over time can be eliminated by these operations. Jaw structure that weakens through ageing can be supported and consolidates by filling operation.

How is jawline filler applied

About 20-30 minutes before jawline filler application, your chin will be massaged with an anaesthetic cream. On the other hand, after application no pain is felt since hyaluranic acid has anaesthetic property. Filling material is injected into determined parts in about 20 minutes. After filling procedure, ice is applied to prevent bruising.

After filling you may observe redness and swelling on your face around chin. The edema will disappear in 2-3 days and you will have a more natural and much more beautiful look afterwards.

How long will it last?

Cases with enduring effect for 1,5-2 years have been reported when the dermal filling material includes hyaluranic acid.