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Lip Filling

Lips are one of the most important elements of beauty. Beautiful and fleshy lips are essential in aesthetics for many women.

Hyaluranic Acid Based Fillers

Hyaluranic acid based fillers are the most reliable and extensively used filling materials.

Hyaluranic acid is the primary material in connective tissues that helps skin cells keep moisture and imparts volume to skin. The vivid look, brightness, tightness and moist appearance are all results of hyaluranic acid.

Before Lip Filling Application

Taking supplements that may thin blood like painkillers, fish-oil and vitamin E must be stopped starting from10 days before the treatment. Heavy exercises must be avoided during the day of treatment. Activities that increase blood circulation especially in facial area, like heavy sports, facial massage and peeling must be avoided too.

How Is The Filler Applied

Before treatment, an anaesthetic cream is applied on lips. The treatment may cause pain since lips are very sensitive. If you wait for15-20 minutes after the anaesthetic cream is applied the anaesthesia works well and pain is minimized. New generation products contain anaesthetic material to reduce pain.

The method is popular and famous for lip filling treatment takes only 20-30 minutes and you can return to daily life with fleshy lips immediately after the treatment.

Precautions After the Treatment

You must not eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours after the treatment. You must not use lipstick during process. There may be bruising because of injection after lip filling treatment, but applying ice would reduce possibility of bruising, and such effects will disappear within 1-2 days even if any happens.

How long does the effect of lip filling treatment last?

Durability of lip filling treatment performed by hyaluranic acid based fillers last for 9 to 12 months.

The treatment is apparent immediately after treatment, but for the cases of very thin lips, it is recommended to apply 2 or 3 sessions to improve lips gradually in 4-6 months.

The filling is not applied on people who have active herpes, infection problem on skin or people who are extremely sensitive to filling materials.