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You can be freed from regional lipoidosis with liposuction method

Liposuction is a surgical method for a better shaping of the body lines and for removal of resistant fatty tissue located in certain parts of the body such as abdominal region, waist, hip, leg, back, arm or neck region, which do not respond to diet and other weight loss methods.  Liposuction is not a general weight loss method, but a reshaping surgery.

Why Liposuction?

In liposuction application, the main target is to disintegrate and evacuate the fat cells that accumulate in the abdomen, waist, back, inside and outside of the abdomen, which do not respond to the combination of diet and exercise.

If you have a good skin tone and flexibility, your skin will look smooth. If you have skin that has lost its elasticity, the skin on the liposuction area may be flabby. These applications do not recover cellulite or other skin surface irregularities such as crack.

Liposuction Application

Liposuction operation is performed within a closed machinery and the patient is operated with the help of cannulas which are entered from 3 mm wide incisions generated from different regions. In the meantime, some anaesthetic substances containing fluids are given, so that the possibility of hemorrhage is minimized during surgery and patients do not feel pain after surgery. You can start your working life in a very short time (3-4 days) after local liposuction process achieved by local anesthesia and  As of the 2. week, you can continue your social life easily.

There is almost no scar of millimetric cuts on the skin for the liposuction process.

In Vaser liposuction technique, disintegrate and fluidization of the fat cells is applied by using ultrasound sound waves with “Vaser” device Since the method focus on fat cells, possibility of damage on veins and nerves are minimized and provides advantages like reduced bruises, reduced loss of senses and much better appearance in terms of smoother and tighter skin. In addition, the results are particularly pleasing in the patient groups who wish to thin the lumbar region, have a deeper butt starting point, and have a six-pack image on the anterior abdominal wall.

Process after Liposuction

After liposuction, swelling, bruising and pains may be seen in the area of application. A few weeks are required to go back to your daily activities, including exercise.