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Medical skin care helps your skin deeply cleansed, and thus refreshed and revitalized.

In the application process, care is carried out according to skin type. Cleaning, peeling, ozone vapour, comedon cleaning and healing mask are applied in medical skin care, which lasts 1.5 hours on average.

How is Medical Skin Care Applied?

First of all, the skin is cleansed. After cleaning, dead cells are cleaned from the skin with peeling. The skin is softened with a steam bath. Thus, black spots are cleaned from the softened skin and the wens under the skin are removed. The skin that is cleaned from all the accumulated dirt is soothed. After the application of tonic, a mask suitable for the skin type is applied to the skin. After the mask is cleaned, skin is massaged with serums and moisturisers suitable for the need of the skin. The process is completed by applying sunscreen.