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Message from the Management | General Manager

Message from the Board

As Ortadoğu Companies Group, we are excited to be able to add health industry among our ongoing activities in construction, transportation, food, industry, mining, energy and insurance industries in which we have experience more than thirty years, by Nişantaşı Hospital and provide services to our country in the health industry as well.

Message from General Manager

Thanks to our experienced staff, our administrative staff working in a team spirit and our medical staff who are very good at their respective areas of expertise and who follow all the developments; Nişantaşı Hospital is established with the aim of increasing patient satisfaction to the highest level and providing high quality health services.  And thanks to the assurance of Ortadoğu Group, which has signed important projects in the health industry, Nişantaşı Hospital shall continue to be more active in high quality health services with an ever increasing experience and shall continue it’s effectiveness.

General Manager