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Nipple issues are one the problems that affect women’s self-esteem. The issues at the nipples cause aesthetical, psychological and functional problems.

Though the nipple is a small area, it is one of the most important and sensitive areas in our body. Problems such as collapsed nipple and the size of tit can commonly be seen and enlargement in the nipple area may occur after breastfeeding. This situation, which is a completely aesthetical issue, can be easily corrected by reducing the diameter of the areola.



With nipple surgery, you can eliminate the problems and continue your life with a higher self-esteem by having a more attractive, healthy and beautiful appearance.


How is Nipple Surgery and Procedure?

The procedure performed under general or local anaesthesia takes 1 hour on average. After the surgery, you can be discharged on the same day according to your doctor’s decision or stay in the hospital for 1 night. After you are discharged, you can continue your daily life as it is.