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Nose Filling

You can have the nose in your dreams without surgery. The only solution for nose aesthetics is not limited to surgical intervention. This includes aquiline noses as well. Hyaluronic acid fillers which have been used in filling injections and non-surgical facial aesthetics for years are also applied safely in the nose.

If you are not experiencing breathing problems and want to change the appearance of the nose aesthetically, you can have the nose that is most suitable to your face with the nose filling and you can go back to your social life in a very short time.

What are the possibilities of filling process and what can we expect?

Deformations such as structural curvatures, collapses and aquiline noses can be minimised or completely eliminated.

The ptosis that occurs in time at the tip of the nose due to mimics may also be fixed.

Asymmetric appearance can be eliminated by filling the nose locally

It can be intervened to the noses that have been treated surgically but not have the desired appearance.

How is nose filling applied?

Before the operation, anaesthetic cream is applied on the nose and a short period of time is required for its effect. Then, the hyaluronic acid based filler with the anaesthetic feature is injected into the designated areas. The process takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Since there are no cuts and scars, individual can easily continue to his/her social life after the treatment.

Duration of Nose Filling

The nose filling process lasts up to 18 months depending on the type and quality of the filling material used. The process can be repeated when the effect begins to decrease.