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Obesity Tires Your Heart A Lot

Obesity should not only been seen as an aesthetic problem.

Endocrine and cardiovascular systems are the systems that are affected the most by obesity. The increasing rate of fat in the blood plays the main role in hardening of the vessels. When the arteriosclerosis reaches the highest levels, conditions like hypertension, heart attack and stroke arise.

The risk of heart attack is 2 times more in obese people than that of people with normal weight.

Scientific studies have shown that the majority of patients with hypertension is obese. The increase of the fat rate in the body of the obese person is the most important risk factor of diabetes mellitus (type 2 DM).

Although scientifically not proven, there is an estimation that excess lipoidosis around the abdomen progresses not only with subcutaneous lipoidosis but also lipoidosis in organs and progresses along with risky diseases like diabetes and atherosclerosis which are known as metabolic syndromes. In other words the ratio of waist circumference to hip becomes important. This value should be under 1. In terms of metabolic syndrome risj, waist circumference of men and women should be 102 cm and 88 cm respectively.

“Obesity is the second reason of death after smoking which can be avoided ” World Health Organisation.

Diseases which can be majorly eliminated through obesity treatment:

Cardiovascular Diseases

Ischemic Heart Disease

Cardiac Impairment

Myocardial Infarctus (Heart Attack)


Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolia
(obstruction in leg vessels and obstruction of pulmonary vessels with platelet.



Endocrinological Diseases

Type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Policystic Ovary Syndrome

Irregular Period

Problems regarding Pregnancy and Delivery


Respiration System

Pulmonary Emboli

Sleep Apnea

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome



Pseudotumor cerebri


Gastrointestinal System

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Fatty Liver

Gallbladder Stones



Personality Disorders

Rheumatology – Orthopaedics


Degeneration in the joints of knee and ankles



Dermal infections


Breast and uterine cancer

Colon cancer

Liver, Pancreas Cancer

Prostate Cancer


Please visit the web page of our Nişantaşı Obesity Institute for further information and questions.