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Our Human Resources Approach

Following the modern Human Resources practices, we implement systems that have up-to-date and scientific infrastructure in the fields of recruitment, career development, compensation and benefits, performance management.

Among our recruitment practices there are competency-based and cognitive interviews, group and panel interviews, case / presentation studies, personality inventories, and testing tasks to measure different skills.

The titles and levels of our newly employed colleagues starting in our group have been determined within the framework of internationally recognized methodologies. For this reason, career planning and wage policies of our colleagues are systematically implemented.

The performance assessments of our employees are also measured annually and the results are reflected in the wages of our employees. Our performance assessment system is based on target and competency and outputs to training and development applications according to the results obtained in the light of manager, team and human resources assessments.

Our group aims to provide the highest possible training to its employees in prioritized areas determined to be needed in the light of continuous learning principles. In this framework, internal and external trainers are continuing training in both professional and technical context, focusing on social and personal development.


Our target as Human Resources is to ensure that our organization develops continuously and is successful by providing effective systematic infrastructure and a working environment to our happy, healthy and motivated employees where they can realize themselves.

Our future perception consists of an organization that has reached the global brand value with employees who have achieved globally acclaimed projects and proved themselves in their field.