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PCL Smart Fill

With the Smart Filling procedure, intensive collagen production is provided on your skin; permanent and strong – lifting effect continues. These positive effects on the skin persist for up to 1 or 4 years.

The most important features of PCL Smart Fill are both fullness and increase the natural collagen of the skin by providing a high lifting effect. They are usually applied to the 5 percent region; the temple area, cheek bone, nasal area, lip edges, jaw and contour areas.

It is an injectable dermal filler with unique properties such as retention and biological absorption. It is especially formulated for long-lasting durability.

Smart Filler is completely biocompatible, not toxic. Due to its non-allergenic and non-allergenic properties, it can be applied easily to any skin. The most important difference that distinguishes Smart Fill from other fillings is that it has Long Term Retention and Controlled Biological Absorbability properties.

The Smart Fill (PCL Filler) components are completely absorbed biologically by normal metabolic pathways at the end of the desired duration of action, and are completely excreted in the body as CO2 and water (two-phase hydrolytic reabsorption).

The Smart Fill (PCL Filler) is a safe dermal filler, developed for face-shaping and rejuvenation of hands with the correction of middle and excessive wrinkles and folds on the face.