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Post-Bariatric Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons perform postbariatric surgery, which operations includes correction of skin sagging and deformities in the body due to excessive weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Combined operations are applied to correct these conditions. As a result of not consuming solid foods for a certain period after bariatric surgery, there is also a need for medical treatment. In this process, eating healthy and balanced is very important for the healing process.

When should postbariatric surgery be performed?

Patients are also advised to wait for 12-16 months after gastric surgery to postbariatric surgery. For some patients, this period may be too long. According to the patient’s general condition and physical examination results these transactions can be done one or many sessions and patients can have more in shape body form structure.

In this operation performed by incision in the areas of abdomen, waist and hip, sagging in the hip region and if volume loss occurs, it is injected under the operated area by injection prepared from the patient’s own fat tissue. Patients should use corsets after the operation. The duration of hospitalization is usually 2 days and is the recovery period.

Who can have postbariatric surgery?

This operation procedure can performe to correct sagging and deformities of the body after the weakening of the body with the mass index exceeding certain rates.

Will I have any scar after postbariatric surgery?

If patient have post-bariatric surgery as stretching procedures in areas such as arms, abdomen, hips, leg and breast, of course, there will be softly scar because of surgical incision. However, these scars will be better within 6 months.

When can I return to my daily life after postbariatric surgery?

The patient can return to normal daily life 7-10 days after the postbariatric surgery.

Is postbariatric surgery a painful operation?

Postbariatric surgery is not usually painful procedure. With the help of oral painkillers, the pain is too low to feeling.

How should surgery be planned for postbariatric patients?

In postbariatric body shaping operations, in order to minimize the anesthesia-related complications and surgical complications, it is more appropriate to divide the sessions between each surgery for at least 4-6 months.

The first surgery is the belt lipectomy, which is the operation to remove excess skin and subcutaneous fatty tissues of the abdomen, waist and genital area and to shape these areas.

4-6 months after the shaping of the abdomen and waist, we perform brachoplasty – mastopexy operations for the sagging of the arms and breasts and then the leg stretching surgery.

In the end, the treatment of skin sagging in the face and neck area, face-neck stretching and face fat injection surgery should be planned for having the face volume back.