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PRP can be defined as the injection of plasma rich in platelets into the body by injection system. Platelets are able to repair skin. Plasma is obtained by using a particular ozone technique with blood taken from the patient. It is placed in a special device and injected to the facial area of the patient. PRP method is very effective method in skin wrinkles, lines on the skin surface and sagging skin. An average of 4 to 6 sessions are performed with a treatment once a week or once in 15 days. In the next treatment processes, the procedure is repeated once in 1 month, 3 months and in a year. As a result of these processes, skin surface will have a younger appearance as it had in your youth. At the same time, PRP treatments are used for strengthening hair follicles. The aim of this method is to renew the cells of hair follicles, to stop hair loss and hair growth after a while. As PRP treatment causes increase in growth hormones in the body, it ensures renewal of tissue in the area treated and it becomes possible to get rid of active acnes and spots.

How to Apply PRP

PRP can be performed by injection technique into the skin with needles that are not even visible to the eye. Thanks to this application, all surfaces of skin are contacted. At the same time, PRP method can be applied to hair, under-eye, wrinkles or skin spots.

Areas Making Use of PRP Method in Medicine

PRP method has considerably shown success in many areas in medicine.  So in which areas is PRP method used? It can be used in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation centres, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Dermatology as well as IVF method.

How To Treat Hair Loss With PRP

In the method called PRP for hair loss, 8-10 cc blood is taken from the person and this blood is subject to a process in special kits. Then, after being processed with a quick cycle, red and white cells within the blood are separated. And the part rich in platelets is obtained.

There are 2-3 times more platelets than normal in PRP vaccine obtained from the processed blood. This liquid is an effective method for hair loss that we use as an alternative to mesotherapy. PRP vaccine which is injected into hair follicles helps hair follicle to strengthen, tighten and gain volume. In PRP method applied as 2 or 3 sessions generally in hairy skins, vitalization can be seen in the hair of patient. PRP method needs to be repeated 10-12 months later in order for not losing volume and vitality of the hair. As the cures are repeated, vitalizing effect of PRP is prolonged. In the result of another treatment made with PRP, hair loss reduces. Because as it has a stimulating effect on the hair follicles in that area, hair follicles will increase. Thus, PRP method is actively used particularly in hair loss.