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Spiderweb Method (FTC)

Spiderweb FTC -Fine Thread Contour Method is a non-surgical face lifting procedure that is most preferred method to rejuvenate and form the skin on facial area. As a non-surgical rejuvenation method, FTC -Fine Thread Contour technique is an alternative to aesthetic surgery to solve problems and eliminate sagging on facial skin. It is a reliable method with which you take results in very short time, it is especially affective for sagging cheek and chin.

Except the use in face, it is also used in arm, neck and abdomen drooping. 15% improvement can be recognised on the same day with application. The full effect is observed after 3 months of application. The effects of this application last for 3 years.

Process for the influence

This procedure can be applied as noon-lifts or weekend-lifts since the recovery after application happens in a very short time. Any person who takes the treatment in a single session that takes 30 minutes can go back to daily life with no cuts, no sutures and no strain on skin.

Application of Spiderweb (FTC) Method

Spiderweb (FTC) Method is a lifting procedure that is applied by placing non-allergic and absorbable PDO threads at certain thickness under the skin with local anaesthesia. The effect starts within the first month of application and lasts for up to 3 years. The procedure is quite an effective lifting method, easily applied with no surgical operation and no pain.