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Under Eye Light Filling

Under eye area is a special area with skin structure and skin. The most effective treatment for this particular area is the light filling, which has been produced over time to bruises, concavity and wrinkles the most important problems of this area. It contains peptides and antioxidants with hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin moisture and volume. The application of under eye light fillers reduces existing concavities, gives shine, reduces bruises and wrinkles. It is not preferred in case of excessive eye bags.

How to apply under eye light filling

It differs in application according to other filling techniques. The filling is applied on the bone, not under the skin. The filling should be given slowly when the process is applied. Before applying the anesthetic cream to the region does not feel any pain. On the other hand, after application no pain is felt since hyaluranic acid has anaesthetic property. The under eye light filling lasts 20 minutes. Since it is a practical application, people can easily return to social life after the application.

How long will it last?

Since hyaluronic acid is used in practice, results that do not lose their effect for 1.5 – 2 years are taken. In addition, when the effect decreases, this time is prolonged after the filling application is repeated.