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Vagina Aesthetics

The vagina in women can be deformed over the years or there are genetically differences in in its form.  Vagina Aesthetics includes functional and aesthetical correction of vaginal lips and groin area. At the same time, it is an aesthetic surgery including reduction of the inner lips of the vagina, careful correction of the outer lips of the vagina, injection of fat to some parts of the vagina, narrowing of the vagina or the suturing of the virginal membrane, also known as the hymen, publicly known as the maidenhead. The narrowing of the vaginal lips is usually performed due to uncontrolled episiotomy incisions in women who have given normal birth, multiple births, widening of the vaginal wall generating from aging and due to the reasons such as vaginal structure. Such issues may lead to problems both in aesthetical way and in sexual relationship.

Shape, size, colour of vagina vary depending on the nationality and age. Inner lips are usually different from each other or its symmetry may be impaired due to being larger or longer. These may be genetic or they may vary due to the reasons we mentioned. As the fleshy parts of inner lips of vagina will sweat during the day, it may cause bed smell and discomfort you. It can discomfort you in aesthetical way and may lead to pain during sexual relationship at the same time. The excessive parts of inner lips of vagina that leads to this can be minimized with a small operation thanks to vagina aesthetics.

Classification of inner lip is as below.

type 1: less than 2 cm type 2: approximately between 2 cm and 4 cm type 3: approximately between 4 cm and 6 cm type 4: approximately larger than 6 cm

1- Preliminary Discussion of Vagina Aesthetics

In this discussion, complaints and postoperative expectations of the person who will undergo vagina aesthetics should be evaluated. The detailed information about the operation is provided.

2- Techniques of Aesthetics

  • For inner lip sizes of vagina: By using S incision technique, inner lips are minimized during the operation.
  • For outer lip sizes of vagina: S incision or fusiform tissue removal technique is applied.
  • For pubis or groin sizes: Groin lifting or tissue removal procedure is applied.
  • Fat injection operation is applied for small inner lips or small outer lips. Then fat is added approximately 6 months later. After fat injection procedure, it has been determined that majority of the patients get more pleasure during sexual relationship.
  • For vagina narrowing operation: A piece is removed from the back of the vagina. As a special stitch is used, there is no need to remove stitches after the operation.

3- Age of Aesthetics

It can be applied to any woman over 18. The procedure for outer and inner lips of vagina do not harm hymen. Vaginal aesthetics do not prevent sexual relationship, pregnancy and orgasm.

4- Preparations for Aesthetics

The person who will undergo aesthetics, needs to discontinue aspirin and similar medications one week before the surgery. If you have a medication that you use continuously, it should be discontinued with the approval of the doctor. The person who will undergo aesthetics, needs to not smoke for a period of time both before and after the operation.

5- Type of Anesthesia

Vagina aesthetics is generally performed by local anesthesia and sedation. Vagina narrowing procedure is performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

6- Prices of Aesthetics

Vagina Aesthetics prices may differ depending on the procedure. It vary depending on the sizes where vagina inner and outer lip aesthetics is applied and the fat to be injected.

7- Duration of Aesthetics

The procedures take approximately half an hour and one hour depending on the level of vagina aesthetics.

8- Recovery Process

The patient is discharged during the day. Attention should be paid to regional hygiene and regular dressing. Women can go back to daily life after the operation. Thanks to special stitch, there is no need to remove the stitches. One week of antibiotics is recommended depending on the patient and procedure. Sexual relationship and bath in bathtub is not recommended within the first one after the operation. Women can take a warm bath on the second day after the operation.